Jobst Relief 20-30 Thigh-Hi Beige Large Silicone Band


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Thigh High (Closed Toe) With Silcone Band * Beige * 20-30 mmHg * Large * Ankle Circ. 10 Р11 7/8 * Calf Circ 12 1/2 Р18 1/8 * Thigh Circ 21 1/4 Р30 3/4 * Affordable gradient compression hosiery * When managed care reimbursement limits product selection choices Jobst Relief hosiery delivers compression therapy at an affordable price * Available in knee thigh and waist styles * Available in beige and black features and benefits: * Closed toe styles are designed with a roomy toe space allowance for patients who require additional wiggle room * Accurate gradient compression therapy at a price patients can afford * 3-D knit structure using air covered spandex yarn that is soft to touch and comfortable for all day wear * Reinforced heel designed for long-lasting durability * Styles to meet your patientsÊ preferences including knee thigh and waist highs in closed or open toe designs and a variety of chap styles plus full calf sizes in knee high styles * Relief is appropriate for use by both men and women * Latex free

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