Body Armor Cam Walker II Low Large M 9.5-13 W 10.5-13


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LOW BOOT * Large: Men 9.5 – 13 Womens 10.5 – 13 * An updated version of DARCOÊs vaunted original the Body Armor II also provides unparalleled protection compression and immobilization for foot and ankle conditions where ambulation is permitted * The II also features a built-in liner and raised air vents for extra cooling when needed * It is the perfect alternative to a weight-bearing cast for compliant patients and its lower ride-height more closely matches that of most shoes * Rigid Shell: protects from everyday bumps and knocks while providing more uniform compression * Ski-boot closure: allows every user to find a secure and comfortable fit * Flexible Upper: conforms to the leg and provides more uniform compression of the foot and ankle * Removable Multi-density Insoles: allow for targeted offloading when required * HCPCS Suggested Code: L4386

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Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 11 in